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Misery Loves Company [Manarion and Elenwen RP]


A deep, deep breath came from Manarion, his whole, heavy body shifting as he inhaled a trembling breath before exhaling it shakily. He seemed quite uncomfortable with speaking his personal thoughts to Elenwen, but there was that certain look, deep in his eyes, that belied his desire to talk to her and release the burden that weighed upon his shoulders.

"Perhaps there is, perhaps there is not." The older mer sighed softly, his face still held near the First Ambassador’s shoulder and neck. He looked up at her with a pain-filled gaze. "I love you as well, my dearest one." He reached up with one hand to wipe away the tears that stained her cheeks, only to chuckle softly when Elenwen brushed them away herself. His large hand closed around hers, imparting a kindly squeeze.

"You should not worry about me so much." He said, bowing his head slightly to avert his eyes from hers, even as she held onto his shoulders and he heaved a laden sigh, not quite sure how to respond. "I am not sure what to do, my love."

Elenwen’s cheeks flushed a faint pinkish colour as she felt Manarion’s large hand enclose her own smaller one and gently squeezed it. Her pointed ears gave small flicks, one after the other, whilst she carefully moved to place another affectionate kiss on Manarion’s cheek. She lingered there for a moment, lightly brushing her nose against his cheekbone in a brief nuzzle.

"I worry about you, because I love you, Manny." She sighed softly, moving to look at him properly with her amber gaze. "You are very dear to me and it is painful for me to merely think that you may be suffering alone and in silence." Elenwen sighed once more and gingerly began brushing her thumb over the knuckles of her partner’s hand in a rhythmic fashion.

As Manarion spoke in little more than a murmur, his head deliberately bowed and eyes averted from hers, Elenwen squeezed his hand in the hope of reassuring him. “Talk to me, perhaps?” The Ambassador was careful with her tone of voice, ensuring that her words sounded like a suggestion. After all, she would hate for him to talk if he was not entirely comfortable with the idea.

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"An old legend I heard once. It is supposed to be a bird with wings like fire and sunlight, that reaches the end of its life and burns to ashes, only to rise from them once again as hatchling. Immortal, beautiful," he reached up, and tucked a strand of flaxen hair behind one elegant ear. "like the sun, you brighten my world, even if clouds block you from my view."

"Manny…" Elenwen’s cheeks and the tips of her ears flushed a bright red, one ear giving a slight flick as Manarion’s fingers brushed close to it. "You always say such sweet, beautiful things… I wish I had something equally sweet and beautiful to say, but alas all I have is ‘I love you’." She paused, looking up at him with an affectionate gleam in her amber eyes. "Which I do. Very much so."


Manarion bent his head to impart a nuzzle to the crown of Elenwen’s hair. “You would be a lovely bird, my dearest one. Perhaps I shall call you my sunbird from now onwards?” He gently lays a kiss upon her temple, eyes contently shut. “As I am yours.”

Manarion’s gentle nuzzle and kiss elicited a quiet sigh of contentment from the Emissary and her amber eyes fluttered shut. “Your ‘sunbird’? Why a sunbird, may I ask?” She inquired with intrigue, canting her head to one side and opening her eyes briefly to look at him.

brunchintamriel replied to your post “.”

"Primarily seafaring birds. They’ve enormous wingspans and are remarkable gliders," Arlen shrugs. "They drink sea water thanks to a special gland in their snoots what filters out the salt. And," he adds, "I believe you may have one around your neck."

"…I do not have such a thing around my neck.”


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"You are my bird, love." [[Manny. Stop. For your own good.]]

Elenwen scowled slightly and feigned annoyance at Manarion for a moment before smiling coyly. “I would prefer to be an Altmer, but as long as I’m yours, I do not mind so much.”

brunchintamriel said: "Don't listen to them, Albatross. 🌺 The math does itself 'round here."

"…'Albatross'? Do I even what to know why you refer to me as a species of bird?”

Anonymous said: Do you even math?

"How does one ‘math’?" Elenwen asked bemusedly. “‘Math’ is not a verb. How can anyone 'math'?

Anonymous said: "There there girl, ain't nobody gonna hurt you." Titus affectionately pats Elenwen on the back. "Uncle Titus is here to protect you. Maybe once you're done here in Skyrim, you can come back to Cyrodiil with me... Wait we're still on for later tonight, right?" - Titus Mede II

Elenwen continued to stare perplexedly at the Emporer, furrowing her brows at him. “I… I am quite alright without Uncle Titus’ protection, thank you very much.” She responded curtly, squirming slightly in her seat as he touched her. 

"Why would I go to Cyro- …’Tonight’?" The Ambassador appeared somewhat unnerved, as well as perplexed, at his question. "…What do you mean 'tonight'?”

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"I would have thought he should…" Mirthys cheekily commented before bursting into a fit of giggles.

"N-no! Just… no!

Words seemed to fail the Ambassador as she continued to blush at Mirthys remark, her ears twitching awkwardly. When would everyone stop poking her about her blasted underwear?

Anonymous said: "Don't listen to that weirdo! He's an impostor!" Titus exclaims. "Guards, arrest this man!" He waits until his Penitus Oculatus have successfully subdued the man and hauled him away, before resuming. "No, you see I'm the real panty inspector. It's my job as Emperor. Don't listen to anybody else sayin' so otherwise!" - Titus Mede II

Elenwen sat at her desk and watched the whole scene play out, an incredulous expression gracing her countenance. A single thought ran continuously through her mind as she stared silently at the Emperor.

"What, in the name of the gods, is going on?"

Anonymous said: Does Manarion know the color of your underwear?

"By Auri-El… No!

Anonymous said: What if it is my business. I am the Aldmeri Dominion panty inspector and I have a god damn job to do. Are you questioning the Aldmeri Dominion, emissary? Do you want me to report this to the High Kinlords and Ladies? Answer the question.

"I do not believe a word you are saying for I have never heard of such a position in all my life." The Ambassador hissed, evidently becoming very irritated at the persistence of the anomalous figure. "And I cannot fathom a reason as to why the Dominion would ever need a so-called ‘panty inspector’."

"Be gone before I call my guards and have you physically escorted from my presence."

Anonymous said: What color underwear do you have on?

Elenwen flushed a bright red colour before scowling darkly at the Grey Mage and folding her arms. “I don’t believe that is any of your business!” She growled in response.