I am Elenwen
brunchintamriel said: "How do you live with yourself?" Arlen wondered out loud, sadly.

Elenwen sighed forlornly, avoiding eye contact by staring off into the distance. “I hide. A lot.” Her voice was soft, but one could sense how uncomfortable she was speaking aloud about such things. “I hide behind the professional, Ambassador Elenwen. She has an air of confidence that the real Elenwen, the real me, lacks. She does not feel or show emotion in the same way and she is undoubtedly a stronger person.”

There was a pause. Elenwen’s ears flicked awkwardly as she dropped her gaze to her lap, fiddling nervously with her fingers. “I am somewhat pathetic compared to the professional persona I choose to adopt as my armour.” She continued, her tone edged with self-loathing. “There are very few who I allow to see passed said armour, because there are very few who I trust not to use my weaknesses to their advantage.”

"I’ve already learnt my lesson about letting people get too close, too quickly…" A hand subconsciously went to wrap around her left wrist as she muttered bitterly to herself.

aurielswaywardson replied to your post:
Manarion’s silver brows furrowed over sorrowful eyes and he bowed his head to cast his golden-eyed gaze upon the floor, a shudder running through his shoulders as she referred to him by his rank rather then his name or an affectionate moniker.

Elenwen continued to glower at the Altmer, her cheeks flushing a faint red with rage and tiny electric blue sparks emanated from her balled fists - A tell-tale sign that the womer was more than a little angry. 

"Well?" She hissed, almost expectantly. "Are you going to answer me or not?"

A brief pause. Elenwen blinked at Manarion as if she were only now seeing him properly. His sorrowful gaze and despondent demeanour irked her. What did he have to be upset about? It was she who had been insulted, not him. If anyone should have been hurt, it was her.

"Why are you the one sporting a dejected expression?" She queried bemusedly, her tone still irritable. "You look as if it is I who has just insulted you. Not the other way around."

aurielswaywardson said: Manarion approached his Ambassador, wearing an expression which could only be described as reluctant. Gritting his teeth somewhat whilst he mustered the will to speak, the old Altmer averted his eyes as he muttered those dreaded words. "I think you are a bit of a bitch at times, Elenwen." He said, looking like he wanted nothing more than to take away the words just as swiftly as he had spoken them.

Elenwen’s ears twitched and a faint, but affectionate smile graced her lips as she noticed her partner approaching. “Manarion. Is there something you-” Hearing the old General’s mutterings, the Ambassador stopped in the middle of her greeting and her face fell. Before she’d even strung a full sentence together, she’d been insulted by her colleague and lover.

Excuse me. Would you care to repeat that, General?” She growled in a low and dangerous tone, glaring at the larger mer whilst her pointed ears pinned to the sides of her head. Infuriated, Elenwen did not seem to notice the regret in his eyes. She only appeared to care for the fact that the one mer she felt closest to, above all others, had just affronted her.

thewidowofsolitude said: "Mum!" The little boy laughs, tugs at his mother's robes. His face is as ruddy as a snowberry, and there's steam puffing from his mouth and nostrils. He may be Altmer, but he's adjusted to the weather admirably, for he knows of no other clime. "I'm a dragon!" He cries, "Like father."

"Of course you are, my little dragon!" Elenwen smiled as she knelt down to cuddle the little Altmer properly before turning the affectionate embrace into a playful tickle fight. After a few moments of merciless tickling and getting a good amount of snow in each other’s hair, Elenwen wrapped her arms around him in another hug.

"I love you, little one. More than you could ever know." She murmured, giving him a brief kiss on his pudgy cheek. "Now let’s get inside before either of us catches frostbite and perhaps we can have a sweetroll or two."

Anonymous said: The little boy snuggled against his mother's swollen stomach, beaming at the kicks from the babe within. He looked up at his mother with bright golden eyes, showing a gap-toothed smile. "Little brother says hi, Mummy!" He squeaked, soon cuddling Elenwen's pregnant belly again. "Hi brother~"

Elenwen shifted uncomfortably and sighed as she felt her insides being kicked for the umpteenth time that day. Gods, she was ready for this baby to be born already, but she was a good eight weeks or so away from her due date. "Too many weeks away." She thought sourly. 

Sighing, she looked down at the little boy who was cuddling her baby belly as best he could and ran her fingers gently through his hair. She would have picked him up and cuddled him herself, but her current condition made such affection difficult at best.

"So he does…" Elenwen replied softly with a faint smile, her heart warming at the excitement in her son’s voice. She had been worried he’d sulk at the prospect of having to share his mother with another child, not unlike how she had once reacted when informed that she was going to have a little brother, but fortunately he had not. He seemed eager to be a big brother and look after his younger sibling. Elenwen just hoped he would be just as keen when the baby actually arrived and started keeping everyone up half the night.

Anonymous said: [if you're still accepting those child memes] He takes great care in exaggerating his pain in front of his mother, limping slowly and screwing his face up every time he takes a step. Maybe she'll let him have an extra sweetroll. "Mommy! I fell in the courtyard and my knee really, /really/ hurts!"

Elenwen panicked slightly upon seeing her son limping, her ears pinning back against her flaxen hair, and she promptly went to help him sit down so that she could inspect his injuries. Knelt down before him, she carefully looked over his knee and found only a few, light scratches.

"Are you quite certain it ‘really, really hurts’?” Elenwen queried sceptically, looking the boy straight in the eye. “It doesn’t look very serious at all. A quick wash and a bandage and you should be fine.”




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Anonymous said: "Mommy, can I please sleep with you? I had a really bad dream! The Hagravens came and you went away and left me all alone!" The little girl sniffled. "Don't leave me."

Upon feeling her arm being shook, Elenwen awoke and peered blearily into the darkness surrounding her, a lone ear twitching irritably. Rubbing her eyes, she slowly sat herself up in bed before lighting the candle on her bedside table with a very weak flames spell.

"Sweetheart…" With a hand she reached out to carefully wipe away her daughter’s tears, her heart breaking at the child’s words. "I’m never going to leave you, I promise." Elenwen leaned forward and wrapped her arms around the smaller elf, nuzzling at her hair and just behind her ear in an attempt to soothe her. 

Releasing the girl, the Emissary smiled faintly at her in the hope of reassuring further. “You are more than welcome to sleep with me tonight and I shall do my utmost to protect you from those wretched Hagravens, little one.”

Child Meme: Ask me anything as my child. Go to my ask box and rip out my heart in any and every way possible. I dare you.

Anonymous said: Erikur/Elenwen

"For the love of Auri-El, no.”

Anonymous said: ... Elenwen and Talos?


"Leave. Now.

Anonymous said: Manarion and Elenwen. Thalmor OTP.

A faint pink coloured the Ambassador’s cheeks and a small smile graced her lips at the mention of her beloved partner. “Perhaps I am a tiny bit biased, but of all the pairings posed to me thus far, this one would have to be my favourite.”

Anonymous said: Anaril and Mrydulf! :3

"Who?" Elenwen queried, though it was evident from her expression that she cared little for the answer. 

"I do not know these people and thus do not care for whatever relationship they may have."