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Misery Loves Company [Manarion and Elenwen RP]


Manarion’s broad shoulders twitched as Elenwen’s arms encircled around him, the powerful muscles layered beneath weathered and scarred skin giving several minute shudders, even as his Ambassador’s scent, presence, and body soothed his anxieties and fears like a healing balm. He borrowed against her arms, tucking his head against her chest so that he could hear her heartbeat and smell her perfume and feel closer to her. 

His large ears twitched as the First Emissary spoke, and he turned his head up to peer at her with clouded golden eyes which bespoke of all of his weariness, in body, mind, and soul. They weighed him down like weights tied to every fiber of his being, a burden that was almost too much for him to bear. The General heaved a sigh against Elenwen’s bosom, scrunching his eyes tightly shut and squeezing her lithe and slender form close to his own burly and muscular one. 

"I have nightmares." He whispered hoarsely against the black of her Thalmor robes. "I can hardly sleep. The alcohol helps me sleep without dreams." He gnawed on his lower lip, ears wilting back against the silver of his hair. "It is the only thing that helps."

A slight blush covered the Emissary’s countenance as Manarion moved his head to rest against her chest, but she did not say anything. Instead she lowered her own head so that she could gently nose at his silvery hair, taking in his familiar scent as she did so. A minute squeak escaped her when he pulled her a little closer and she responded in turn by squeezing his shoulders in an affectionate and hopefully comforting manner.

Elenwen listened carefully to his pained words, her ears drooping somewhat, and she idly stroked his shoulder in a rhythmic fashion. “Forgive me for being so bold, but surely alcohol isn’t the only thing that helps.” She murmured softly into his hair. “I may be able to help you - Although, perhaps not in the same way.” Elenwen paused and gently brought one of her hands to carefully cup her partner’s cheek and bring his face up from her chest so that she could look him in the eye. Studying his face for a moment, her expression one of unadulterated love and sympathy, she smiled softly at him.

"I am always here and willing to listen to you, if you have need of me. Even if you need me in the middle of night." Elenwen’s smile faltered slightly as she took a breath before continuing. "That is partially how I got over my own night terrors as a child. My brother, Aldar… He was always there for me during the night. He’d calm my anguished sobs and…" She trailed off, her cheeks taking on a pinkish-hue, seemingly embarrassed to be talking so openly about something that felt so personal. A momentary silence befell her before she found her voice once more. "My point is that having someone to comfort and console me, helped me immensely as a child and it could be of help to you as well, Manny. Perhaps it is something you could try?"

Anonymous said: Are you even planning to sleep with him yet? You totally should. If you already have, you should do it more.

Her features still burning a deep crimson colour, Elenwen scowled at the Grey Mage. “I don’t believe that is any of your damned business.”

Anonymous said: How about this - Do you plan on having adorable little mini-Elenwens with your beloved Manarion?

Elenwen sighed at the continued badgering, slumping slightly in her chair as her blushing ears twitched one after the other. “I… Goodness, n-no! We haven’t even been courting for that long…”

Anonymous said: I think you and Manny should have lots of babies. Yes or yes? Yes. That is the answer. Cute Altmer babus always mean yes.

Elenwen’s blush intensified and she half-squeaked upon hearing the Grey Mage. Taking a breath in the hope of calming her nerves, she responded, “I… I refrain from answering on the grounds that that wasn’t a proper question and that I do not want to answer!”

Anonymous said: Would you marry Manarion? If he asked?

Elenwen blushed profusely, her reddening ears giving small twitches that more than demonstrated her embarrassment. “…Y-yes.” She mumbled whilst attempting to hide her burning features in her hands.

Anonymous said: You're a bit of a bitch, aren't you?


The ‘yes or no’ game.

You can ask me anything and I’ll answer honestly, but only with yes and no.

aurielswaywardson said: "Then talk to me about it."

The First Emissary bit her lip, her amber eyes trained on the floor and her hands fidgeting slightly. “I…” For someone whose forte should have been words, Elenwen was currently doing a poor job of using them.

Blushing, she looked sheepishly up at the General. “I… I can’t, Manny. I-I’d like to be able to talk about it to you, of all people, but I c-can’t. I’m sorry.”

Misery Loves Company [Manarion and Elenwen RP]


One of Manarion’s golden eyes fell shut as Elenwen nuzzled at his cheek, and yet the other remained partway open. The low rumbles of purrs still coursed through him, grating out of his throat and between slightly parted lips. His arm moved a bit more to encircle around her as she shifted, almost as if to prevent her from falling either way and the old General himself moved to press his body more so against hers, desiring only to be as close as possible to the womer he loved.

"Many things." The aged General murmuring softly, head still held near her arm. "So many things, El." He sighed softly as she continued to stroke his hair, large ears twitching. "Most of it is memories. They are painful." He furrowed his brows, refusing to meet her gaze, and instead, moving to borrow his face against her shoulder, biting down hard on his lower lip so much as to taste the tang of blood on his tongue.

Elenwen looked down sympathetically at her beloved, her heart breaking for him, as he leaned against her, hiding his face in her arm and clearly showing a desire for comfort. Carefully, she moved her arms and wrapped them around his shoulders, giving him an affectionate squeeze before lowering her head in order to gently nuzzle and place a kiss upon his head. She did not say anything for a long while; instead she silently continued to show him little gestures of warmth and affection in the hope of soothing him.

"Manny?" She said softly, her amber eyes watching him carefully even though his own gaze was directed elsewhere. "Do you wish speak about any of these memories in particular? Or would you rather we spoke no more about them?" A brief pause. "It’s your decision, love. I only wish to do what you feel comfortable doing. I do not wish to force you into talking about something you’d rather forget."

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  • "I thought you changed."
  • "I can’t even look at you right now."
  • "Are you serious."
  • "I’m pregnant."
  • "I thought we talked about this?" 
  • "Please, don’t do this." 
  • "This is your fault!"
  • "I can’t trust you." 
  • "I don’t believe you."
  • "What have you done?!"
  • "Don’t lie to me!"
  • "I loved you once."
  • "Never again."
  • "You knew about this?"
  • "Why didn’t you just tell me."
  • "Are we ok?"
  • "No, I blame you!"
  • "Nothing’s going to be the same."
  • "I knew I’d regret it." 
  • "Then explain it to me."

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Anonymous said: I am literally in love with you and your Elenwen right now. Your writing is amaaaaazing. Elenwen is one of the characters I just want to punch and hug her at the same time.

((Forgive me. I’ve had this in my inbox a while now, but I’ve been in (and still am in) a bit of rut in regards to my general feelings towards this blog and my writing and I haven’t felt like I particularly deserve such praise.

However, I really do appreciate the sentiment, anon, despite my stupid ‘I-am-a-piece-of-shit’ mood at the moment. Thank you! <3))

aurielswaywardson said: "-I squeak when I'm nervous."

"…I do not." The Emissary scowled, clearly not impressed.

What kind of “charactershaming” sign would you hang around my muse’s neck?

aurielswaywardson said: Manarion leaned down and placed a kiss on Elenwen's temple, presenting her a nightshade flower. "Lovely flower for a lovelier womer."

Elenwen squeaked slightly before blushing a vibrant red at Manarion’s endearing gesture of affection. Ears twitching sheepishly, she carefully took the flower from him. “Manny, I… Thank you!” She breathed and with a coy smile playing her lips, she gently reached up to place a kiss of her own upon his lips.